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TOP|SPG is Norfolk Southern’s new operating plan, and an important part of our effort to become more customer-centric and operations-driven. Our hiring efforts, coupled with TOP|SPG, will help us improve service to the levels our customers expect. Moving forward, it will enable reliable service, drive productivity, and create a platform for future growth. 

This is an evolution of our previous operating plan, TOP21, to better serve the changing needs of our customers. TOP21 was highly successful, but we needed to update our operating plan to respond to changes in traffic caused by the pandemic and a surge in Intermodal demand. We have developed TOP|SPG into an operating plan that will help us consistently execute our operations by placing a clear focus on service, productivity, and growth.  

Click below to watch a brief overview video of TOP|SPG, featuring insights from our senior team:

TOP|SPG enables a simpler, more balanced network

This is not a radical change in how we’ll work with our customers, but a shift in our daily operations to move shipments more directly and consistently. TOP|SPG works by making our operating plan simple, consistent, and executable every day. This plan will not require operating changes for the vast majority of our customers. For customers who will see changes, our teams have been in communication with them to ensure they are prepared. We took a number of steps to build a more executable operating plan including:

  • Simplified our routes: Shipments will travel more directly by one-market origin to one-market termination.
  • Balanced our network flow: Shipments are less likely to get caught at choke points and our facilities are better aligned to keep our network moving.
  • Enabled our team members: A simpler operating model allows our train crews to better execute and deliver outstanding service day-in, day-out.
  • Better deployed our assets: TOP|SPG aligns our people, engines, rolling stock, and terminals to serve our customers more effectively.

Positioned for future growth
Importantly, TOP|SPG positions Norfolk Southern to support our customer’s growth and the evolving economy. We’ll help customers grow by handling more of their shipments at our terminals located in key markets. We will also help customers with their future growth. TOP|SPG will help enable reliable and consistent service that can handle their expanded business.

Customer Questions
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