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Nov 06, 2018


Effective November 7, 2018, Section 5.9.1 of the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Rules Circular #2 will be modified.  The complete text of the modified section is included below; for the complete document, please access our website at  The modified version of the Intermodal Rules Circular #2 will be available via the website on November 7, 2018.   

5.9 Fuel Surcharge and Special Assessments

Section 5.9.1 Charges

All transportation services and shipments will be subject to any fuel recovery surcharge or special assessment surcharge (for example, a surcharge for a specific terminal) implemented by NS or imposed on NS, regardless of price authority (including all contracts and agreements).

REMINDER: EMP Lane Surcharge: Chicago to Cincinnati

A recent change in market conditions has led to a surge in volume moving to the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility located in Cincinnati, OH.  As a measure to help manage heightened inbound volume and support the improvement of service levels, Norfolk Southern will implement a lane surcharge for EMP shipments destined to Cincinnati, OH via Chicago, IL. 

Beginning on November 9, 2018, ingating EMP shipments billed via Chicago to Cincinnati will be subject to the following lane surcharge:

  • Interline traffic:
    • From all offline origins excluding Los Angeles: $250
    • From Los Angeles: $100
  • Local traffic:
    • From Chicago: $250

This surcharge will be managed and administered by Blume, formerly REZ-1.

We understand that there may be challenges around these necessary changes, and we appreciate your understanding as we move forward.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact your NS Market Manager.