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NS is the largest rail shipper of auto products in North America.

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Norfolk Southern serves 26 auto assembly plants, 35 auto distribution facilities, three Just-In-Time rail centers, and four service hubs strategically positioned throughout the network.

NS offers modal and supply chain management solutions, including:

Finished vehicle distribution

With dedicated daily service bewteen assembly plants and destination facilities, Norfolk Southern provides high-velocity, highly reliable customer service. NS is the model of innovation for vehicle distribution in North America, with ability to mix different manufacturers’ vehicles on a single railcar, reducing overall transit times for customers.

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Auto parts delivery

The NS automotive group develops cost-saving initiatives for manufacturers that ship auto parts. NS-offered modal solutions include a network of traditional boxcar services, JIT Rail Centers, Triple Crown Services, and Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services. NS is developing additional integrated distribution channels for serving the auto parts market.

Learn more about options for moving auto parts via NS. Contact: Fred Alley.


Norfolk Southern partnered with Union Pacific Railroad to form de Mex AutoFlyer to efficiently streamline the shipment of auto parts between major U.S. markets and Mexico’s major industrial centers.

This door-to-door service offers truck-competitive rates and transportation options for automotive parts orginating within a 150-mile radius of NS’ Just-In-Time Rail Centers.

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