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Agriculture and Forest Products

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Norfolk Southern serves shippers and receivers of many agricultural products, including corn, wheat, soybeans, miscellaneous grains, animal and poultry feed, sweeteners, ethanol, food oils, flour, beverages, canned goods, and consumer products.

Meet your changing distribution pattern needs with our help.

The NS team will work with you to locate sites that can meet your changing distribution pattern needs. Sites include NS-owned Thoroughbred Bulk Transfer facilities operated by independent contractors. TBT facilities are located all across our rail system.

Get additional support with the NS Grain Customer Directory.

NS' Grain Customer Directory lists types of facilities and grain customers according to the grain-related operations they perform. The directory also lists grain and soybean shippers and receivers served by or accessible to NS.

Forest Products

Norfolk Southern serves numerous paper mills and is focusing on extending business into the Northeast and Midwest to continue providing solutions to our customers’ needs.

Ship and receive paper & forest products.

NS helps customers ship and receive: