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Rossville, Tennessee

Imagine the possibilities.

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What if it were possible to create a multistate project that would result in tens of thousands of American jobs? What if it were possible to make a direct, more reliable intermodal route from Louisiana all the way to New Jersey? What if a small town could make a huge impact on the nation’s economy? NS can tell you firsthand that not only are all those things possible, they’ve already begun.

That’s the thing about possibilities. They can become realities.

Take Rossville, Tennessee, a small town near Memphis of fewer than 700 people. 

This is a town made up of heart and hard work. It’s only fitting that Rossville would be the location of the first regional terminal on the Crescent Corridor, a $2.5 billion rail infrastructure project.

On July 1, 2012, Norfolk Southern opened the $105 million Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility at Rossville.

When the Crescent Corridor is fully operational, it will help create prosperity for Tennessee and the nation. Specifically, the Crescent Corridor will:

  • Create or enhance 6,200 jobs in the Memphis region in the next 10 years. 
  • Create 122,820 jobs across the rail network by 2030. 
  • Save more than $575 million in traffic congestion annually. 
  • Reduce 1,900,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. 
  • Save more than 169 million gallons of fuel annually. 
  • Remove more than 1,300,000 long-haul trucks annually. It will be possible.